Google Adwords Experiment: What Spelling Of "Ebook" Gets The Highest Response?

Published: 16th January 2006
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Copyright 2006 Richard Adams

With Google Adwords being one of the most popular forms of pay per click advertising due to the fact that it offers rapid setup (traffic within minutes), easy control and top quality traffic it's natural that there is a huge amount of interest in the subject.

As the ads on Google are arranged based on an algorithm combining both the cost you're wiling to spend of each visitor *and* the response rate of your ad, by learning tips that will boost the cickthrough rates of your ads you'll be able to push your own ads up the page without spending any more money.

And the higher up the page your ads are, the more traffic you're likely to see.

Ebooks also are hot property with many people making sizeable incomes from selling them, often using Google Adwords as a primary source of traffic.

So a critical question right now is what are the smart marketers doing to boost their Adwords ads for ebooks so dominating their market *without* spending a fortune?

I decided to test out an advert for my Ebook Sales Assistant product using the following advert:

Creating An Ebook? Learn how to build an ebook sales site. 100+ page ebook tells all.

Keeping the text of the advert identical, I split tested 3 version of the headline to test whether the spelling Ebook, ebook or eBook would get the highest response from users.

Over the course of the experiment the ad was shown an impressive 71,129 times so the results are highly significant.

The results:

Creating An Ebook?: 0.9% CTR Creating an ebook?: 0.9% CTR Creating An eBook?: 0.4% CTR

So the results show that I found no difference in response rates between the spelling Ebook or ebook but the spelling eBook had a very negative impact on my ad response rate, getting less than half as many clicks as the other two ads with identical text.

There are two morals to this story:

1) When using pay per click advertising, if your ad contains the work "ebook" never spell it as eBook

2) Also note how *huge* the difference in response rates are. Be aware that something as simple as changing which words have capital letters and where abouts in the word they are can have a massive effect on results. So get experimenting!

Lastly, when testing my most successful ads on just Google rather than associated content sites (those displaying Adsense ads) my clickthrough rates jumped to an average of 2.9%.

And that's without actually testing different ads, just changing the capitalization.


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